A new medical innovation (okay, we’ll admit it, we’re biased–our new medical innovation) means fewer shots for women recovering from breast cancer!

Of course, anyone who has ever had cancer knows what a big deal this is. After months of testing and treatment, of being pricked and poked, suddenly the end is in sight. Nobody wants more needles! This new medical device offers women a break from the needles as they go through breast reconstruction.

What new medical innovation?

The new medical innovation we’re talking about is the AeroForm Tissue Expander System, the only needle-free, patient-controlled tissue expander available.

With clearance by the FDA, the AeroForm has been making waves in the breast cancer world. We couldn’t be prouder. For example, Newsday recently covered Rhonda Bayrami’s use of the AeroForm. Bayrami neatly summed up her experience of the AeroForm there, “I’m so grateful that finally in 2017 we have technology that has finally caught up to the 21st century… Using this device has freed me from having to have horrible needles injected into my breasts.”

How does the AeroForm work?

The AeroForm Tissue Expander System has two parts: the AeroForm Tissue Expander and the AeroForm Dose Controller. The Tissue Expander contains a small reservoir of compressed CO2. The plastic surgeon places it behind the chest muscle, usually at the time of the mastectomy. The woman then goes home, allowing her body to heal.

When the surgeon determines she is ready, she may begin to expand, using the wireless Dose Controller. A single click of a button sends a message to the tissue expander to release 10cc of CO2, which she may do up to 3x a day.

Read more about Rhonda Bayrami’s experience with this unique medical innovation.

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