by Scott Dodson, CEO of AirXpanders®

AirXpanders® is in Barcelona!

Greetings from Barcelona, Spain! AirXpanders just completed presenting at the 2017 Barcelona Breast Meeting, where there were over 500 attendees at the sold-out meeting! Plastic surgeons came from all over Europe and the world to discuss the latest techniques and challenges of breast reconstruction. At the kind invitation of Dr. Jaume Mesia from Barcelona, we attended the exciting event. We also sponsored Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler from Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, California.


And on TV!

Dr. Ziedler shared her experience with the AeroForm® in the early days of the trials through her most recent commercial experience. Dr. Z is also the plastic surgeon, who recently appeared on The Doctors. The Doctors is a popular syndicated TV show in the United States. The show highlighted the use of the AeroForm in one of her most recent patients. The patient also accompanied her to the live filming in Hollywood.


AirXpanders’ Goals Moving Forward

Following her presentation at Barcelona Breast Meeting, Dr. Zeidler took questions from the audience. Questions ranged from safety to cost and finally availability. While we would like to be everywhere at once as a company, we simply cannot. Our intent as a company is to continue to support our business in Australia and then get the business in the United States off of the ground successfully. To that end, we have hired a sales force in the US, and they are busy lining up surgeons to conduct their first procedures across the country.

We have been delighted with the positive response from plastic surgeons, nurses, and patients alike. We look forward to becoming the device of choice for women who are having two-stage reconstructive surgery.

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