Final 2016 Voices of Love Winners


As October passes and all the pink is laid aside, I get the opportunity to highlight the words of encouragement from our final Voices of Love winners.

Something unique to this month’s winners is how much even just a couple words can mean. In fact, one of our winners won on a single word comment. I encourage you to pass these on to other women facing a new breast cancer diagnosis.


Stop and –.

“Breathe.” – Liz Estes
Voices of Love

Whether you’ve just heard the words “breast cancer” or you’re facing a new change in your treatment, take a moment to breathe.

Patience in the Journey

“As a five year survivor of triple negative breast cancer, be patient with yourself. Realize that this is a new journey that has many ups and downs, but reach out for support. Don’t try to be strong for everyone else, [or] you’ll find yourself exhausted. You will get through this. Faith, prayers, family, embrace them.” -Gayle Nguyen


Voices of Love


Courage and Confidence

“Hope is living with Courage and Confidence, not fear.” -Francine Wismann

It’s okay to feel fear. We all do, but grab hold of the courage to face down this disease and the confidence that you are a whole and complete woman, no matter what happens.


Voices of Love


Enjoy and share!

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