You, our readers, are truly amazing.

For the second year, we asked for you to give encouragement to women facing a new breast cancer diagnosis, and you answered our request.

Voices of Love Week 1: Stay Connected

This week we’d like to highlight the importance of connectedness, which so many of you stated. Two comments on our Facebook page stood out in particular, one from Sharon Vincent and the other from Karin Callaway.

sharon-640x3502xFor Sharon, an important part of staying connected meant keeping everything open with her husband. Secrets were not a part of her breast cancer journey.

“I’ve been there. My first question to the surgeon is how soon can you remove the breast? The scar & chemo were nothing compared to the thought that I was literally a ticking time bomb. With a VERY supportive husband that was beside me through everything -at my request, there were no secrets on the diagnosis or care as he was there for everything. Too many women leave their husbands & family out of the process & try to go it alone. We asked for help from our family, friends, & church. They were always there with prayers.”

shutterstock_180191942-1000x5002xFor Karin, remaining connected meant being willing and unashamed of asking for help from loved ones. She says,

“I have survived two cancers. Cervical and breast. One 38 years ago and the last 16 years. The most important thing during my chemo and treatments was the support I requested from other survivors, from my family and friends. In each instance help was freely given. Just to be able to talk about your immediate fears, how you think the treatment should go. Remember that you are still a woman, a whole woman, and blessed that you have access to those around you. God bless every one in this time.”

Sharon and Karin, thank you so much for the encouragement you have provided to those facing breast cancer. You have helped us to remember to stay connected in the face of a new diagnosis.

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