This has been an exciting time at AirXpanders!

A Look Back at ASPS and ASPSN

We completed enrollment in the XPAND II study. We then hosted seven of our Australian surgeons at our Palo Alto offices and headed to Los Angeles for the ASPS and ASPSN annual meetings. These meetings are the largest gathering of plastic surgeons and nurses in the world.


The AirXpanders presence was incredible this year. Researchers presented data from the XPAND clinical study in three sessions at ASPS. Dr. Jeffrey Ascherman presented at the scientific session. Dr. Mohebali shared at the Residents meeting. Finally, Dr. Zeidler talked at Hot Topics where she won best presentation! In addition, Jessica Biddy, RN presented to the plastic surgery nurses at the ASPSN meeting. She did amazing in her first ever public speaking experience! Thank you to all our surgeons and nurses who were in attendance.


A Look Back at Our Team

I am so grateful for the wonderful plastic reconstructive surgeons, nurses and study coordinators that we have worked with over the past 6 years. Their dedication to their patients and to improving the care that they deliver has been instrumental in developing the AeroForm Tissue Expansion System for women undergoing breast reconstruction. We have been blessed to work with some of the best plastic surgeons in the U.S. and Australia. Their creativity, technical skills and humanity are awe inspiring, and their guidance is appreciated.


I am also grateful for the bravery of all the women who not only chose to undergo breast reconstruction, but also agreed to be in a clinical study for an investigational device. It takes a special kind of bravery to contribute to the advancement of treatment options for other women while undergoing a personal health challenge. These ladies are my personal heroes, and I pray for their continued health and happiness.


I am finally grateful to all of my intelligent and hardworking colleagues at AirXpanders. Every day they show up and turn ideas into realities, challenges into opportunities and make impossible things happen! Their combined passion, persistence and patience are the reason behind AirXpanders’ success.


Off to New Orleans to continue to spread the word about AeroForm at NPWH (Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health)!


Kathy Kelley, RN (Sr. Director Clinical Affairs, AirXpanders)

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