1 in 8 women (and their families) need your encouragement.


Alright, ladies (and gentlemen), it’s time for the Voices of Love campaign. Let’s face it: there’s going to be a whole lot of pink going around in October.


Voices of Love

Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Everyone not closely tied to breast cancer thinks October is all orange and spiders and ghosts. For us, it’s pink pumpkins.


I like pink. It’s actually my favorite color.


But, oh wow, it’s a lot of pink. And selling things in pink. And telling us if we just buy this particular foundation in a pink case, we’re supporting breast cancer research. (How dare you purchase the one in the brown case?!?!)


We are MAJOR believers in supporting breast cancer research, but… It’s also totally alright if you’re pinked out. It happens, especially to those up close and most personally invested in the breast cancer struggle.


Supporting Beyond the Pink

Voices of LoveBUT… breast cancer awareness is a big deal! We need to talk more about breast cancer, not less. We also need to support the 1 in 8 women and their families who face breast cancer. In fact, in 2016 alone, that will likely translate into 246,660 new diagnoses of invasive breast cancer. We’re talking about women suddenly thrown into the world of lumpectomies, mastectomies, radiation, and chemotherapy.


voices of loveOur readers tend to know this world all too well. You remember with detailed clarity the moment you heard the physician utter the word, “Cancer.” It was terrifying. It was head-spinningly terrifying.


But then, hopefully, there were a few kind souls, who had gone before you. In those crazy early moments, where death felt like it might be just around the corner, they offered the words you needed to hear.


Like last year, let’s begin the Voices of Love campaign again. Let’s pass that love on again to those facing a new diagnosis this year!


Voices of Love Rules

Voices of Love rulesIt’s pretty simple. We want you to tell those facing a new diagnosis the things that you needed to hear back when it was all new for you as well.

  1. Share your loving voice. We’re teaming up with I’m Taking Charge for this campaign. That means, you can leave your nuggets of wisdom on either blog or our Facebook pages. You can also create new Facebook posts with the hashtag: #voicesoflove. Write your posts, make videos, or photograph yourself with a message. Whatever spreads the love, we’ll take it.
  2. Stick to encouraging messages. Venting has its place, but this is your chance to infuse a little love into a dark time, so let’s keep to that purpose. Remember, we should be sharing “voices of love.”
  3. Watch for our posts. We’ll republish comments and posts we think are particularly inspiring and helpful. To make it a bit more fun, if we use your posts, we’ll send you a bunch of macaroons to say thank you. Pink macaroons. (Because, well, it is BCA Month, and we really like the color pink still.)
  4. That’s it. So use that voice of yours (or keyboard) to share the love. Let’s make love go viral for October.


Wait, did you miss the part where we might be sending you a box of pink macaroons? Just checking…

pink macaroon

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