Last week AirXpanders was honored to be featured in Plastic Surgery Practice.


Dr. Jeffrey Ascherman, wrote the piece praising AirXpanders. Dr. Ascherman is chief of the division of plastic surgery at Columbia University in New York, as well as the principal investigator in the AirXpanders clinical trial.


In the article, Dr. Ascherman highlights the AeroformⓇ tissue expansion device as “novel.” He comments on the increased autonomy this device gives women undergoing reconstruction. Additionally, he states that the device saves patients and plastic surgeons time. In fact, during the clinical trial, the median expansion time with AeroformⓇ was 21 days. This is a significant improvement over that of current saline expanders. Traditional expanders were also part of the trial and resulted in a median expansion time of 46 days.

About AeroFormⓇ

AeroFormⓇ is a wireless tissue expander system. Unlike saline expanders that need regular visits to a surgeon’s office, this system transfers control of the expansion to the patient. Where saline expanders need painful injections of saline solution, expansion with AeroFormⓇ is achieved through the controlled delivery of small amounts of gas. Patients can begin increasing the amount of air in their expander using the wireless dose controller as soon as their incisions have healed.

About Plastic Surgery Practice

Plastic Surgery Practice is an industry digital publication and newsletter focusing on innovation in the plastic surgery and reconstruction fields. They provide news and information on a variety of treatments, as well as articles on best practices and upcoming trends. They’re particularly interested in new technology that affects the plastic surgery and reconstruction industires. This piece was published in the Client Experience section of the newsletter and on the website.


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