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Celebrating National Health Centers Week

  This week we’re joining countless other blogs in celebrating National Health Centers Week!   Each year, thousands of underserved people throughout the country receive access to high-quality, affordable health care through these important community programs. The Need for Local Health Centers The United States has made great strides in health care over the last […]

AirXpanders Featured on Plastic Surgery Practice

Last week AirXpanders was honored to be featured in Plastic Surgery Practice.   Dr. Jeffrey Ascherman, wrote the piece praising AirXpanders. Dr. Ascherman is chief of the division of plastic surgery at Columbia University in New York, as well as the principal investigator in the AirXpanders clinical trial.   In the article, Dr. Ascherman highlights […]

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Scott Dodson Interview on MedTech Chat

  AirXpanders CEO Scott Dodson was recently featured on the MedTech Chat podcast. We were honored to have him featured, and we’re very excited to share this interview with you. About MedTech Chat   MedTech Chat is a podcast released as part of the Medical Design & Outsourcing publication. This digital and print media publication […]

Meet Our Team: CEO Scott Dodson

“We believe that the AirXpanders® or AeroForm® Technology has the ability to become the gold standard for women using two stage reconstruction.”   President and CEO Scott Dodson was first attracted to the medical device industry because of the professionalism of the environment. It was the growth of medical devices in the late 80’s and […]

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AeroForm® Clinical Trial Progresses

The AeroForm® clinical trial at Faulkner Hospital is receiving high praise from participating physicians.   According to the Jamaica Plain Patch, the new tissue expander system makes recovery more comfortable for the patient. It also makes the process of expansion more convenient. Because the expansion is gradual, and at the patient’s pace, the process of […]

It’s Time to Talk About Male Breast Cancer

  The week of June 13-19 is National Men’s Health Week, which means it’s the perfect time to talk about male breast cancer.   Although breast cancer generally affects women, nearly 1% of the breast cancers diagnosed in the United States occur in men. In fact, since 2008, the rate of male breast cancer has been increasing. […]